Tea in data

The world seems to have more coffee lovers than the people who love tea. Actually, there are more tea drinkers than coffee. In fact, tea is the second most popular drink after water.

Q: Who is the largest per capita tea drinking nation?

A: The most tea loving nations are below.
*Annual per capita tea consumption in 2014

1 Turkey           7.54 kg
2 Morocco          4.34 kg
3 Ireland            3.22 kg
4 Mauritania         3.22 kg
5 United Kingdom      2.74 kg
6 Seychelles          2.08 kg
7 United Arab Emirates      1.89 kg
8 Kuwait          1.61 kg
9 Qatar            1.60 kg
10 Kazakhstan         1.54 kg

Q: Who is the largest producer of tea in the world?

A: Top 10 tea producers in the world (2014)

1 China            2,095,570 kg
2 India             1,207,310 kg
3 Kenya              445,105 kg
4 Sri Lanka            338,032 kg
5 Viet Nam            228,360 kg
6 Turkey              226,800 kg
7 Indonesia            154,400 kg
8 Iran (Islamic Republic of)       119,388 kg
9 Myanmar               98,600 kg
10 Argentina            85,401 kg

Q: Does tea contain antioxidants?
A: Tea, like fruit and vegetables is a natural source of polyphenols and flavonoids which have antioxidant activity.

Q: Do green and black teas come from different plants?
A: No, they both come from the same plant known by its botanical name Camellia sinensis.

Q: How many varieties of tea are there?
A: It is about 1,500 varieties of Camellia sinensis.