Assam is the world's largest tea growing region, producing more than 581 million of kilos of tea annually. Beautiful tea estates of Assam cover about 271 hectares of land. Assam today comprises of more than 100 tea estates.
Picking season normally begins from March and lasts by mid December. The first plucking starts in March and continuous for around two months. The second plucking season starts from June. Nowhere in the world the tea grows in such a large quantity as in Assam.
Assam means ‘one without equal’ and that is really true about its teas. They say ‘you haven’t woken up fully if you haven’t sipped Assam tea’. The strong tea, grown on the rolling plains by the Brahmaputra river that weaves her way through vales and hills, is famous for its smooth malty flavour. A taste crafted by the region’s rich loamy soil, unique climate and liberal rainfall.

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