So YAMADA -the Blue Teapot-

¥50,000 (税抜)

Caliber 9cm/190cc/height 7.5cm

Actual colors, shapes, textures and dimensions may differ slightly from those in the photos. Especially, colors may vary depending on the web browser being used.

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1979 Born in Tokoname where is famous for ceramics in Japan
His father is Jozan 4th, and his grandfather is Jozan 3rd, a humen national treasure.

2002 Completed Tokoname Togei Kenkyujo (Ceramics Lab owned by Tokoname City)

2002 Went to Tajimi to study ceramics

2004 Studied in Tokoname under his grandfather and father.

2005 Exhibition at gallery CEPICA in Tokoname

2008 Exhibition at Nagoyasakae Mitsukoshi

2009 Exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen

2010 Appeared on NHK “Yumekobo”
Exhibition at Nogoyasakae Mitsukoshi

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Dimensions 16 × 19 × 25 cm