Everything stops for tea
Tea is not produced but manufactured

Tea Type

Tea Origin


Assam, India is one of the biggest tea production region.  Second flush tea, harvested in early summer produces rich and mouth-filling. It is very popular with milk.


Over 99 % of tea production is green tea in Japan. Recently, Japanese tea producers have shifted to make fine black tea. It won’t be long before you find Japanese black tea in your neighborhood?


Darjeeling’s name gets well known all around the world. Darjeeling tea is often called ‘Champagne’ of tea due to its flavour and aroma. There are 87 tea estates and each garden produces unique teas.


In Taiwan, oolong tea is the most popular and its quality is quite high. Taiwan is with its many uphills and downhills, and even on level ground tea producers strive to manufacture aromatic teas.


Niligiri means “Blue Mountains” and it is really blue mountains. They are some of the highest grown teas in the world, up to 2,500 meters elevation. Tea is very aromatic, smooth and sweet.


China is the largest global producer of tea. Over 70 % of tea which they manufacture is green tea and there are loads of variety not only green tea but other kinds of teas over a long period of history.