This is Heading

This is Heading


Nil means Blue, and giri means Mountains, therefore Nilgiri is blue mountain. This is an area of sweeping dense jungles, home to herds of rare animals. Frost tea harvested in winter is precious and worth to taste.


Darjeeling is considered the champagne of teas mainly because of its distinctive aroma and its beautiful figure. There are about 90 tea gardens which differ the characters and it attracts lots of tea drinkers.


Assam today comprises of more than 100 tea estates. A taste crafted by the region’s rich loamy soil, unique climate and liberal rainfall. Specialty tea from Assam has rich and indulgent taste.


Teaholics mainly deals black tea produced in Japan while the production is less than 1 % in gross production. Japan has long history with tea, and the tea would captivate you.


Oolong tea is a major tea that is principal and consumed in Taiwan. The flavors of oolong teas differs dramatically from season to season.

The UK

The UK is famous for black tea, especially its blended tea, everyone knows Earl Grey has many fans around the world. Tasters and blenders are gifted with high skill.

This is Heading