Namring 1st Flush

Tea is a drink that speaks volumes about the character of its region of origin. Its floral aroma and fruity flavour celebrate the richness of the tea estate’s biodiversity. The Namring Tea Estate has the characteristics of the best Chinese varieties and excellent clonal tea plants, but even amongst the limited yields of First Flush, this lot has an exceptional balance and is only encountered once every few years, making it a supreme cup with an aromatic fragrance, pleasant sweetness and a light aftertaste. The fragrant aroma, pleasant sweetness and light lingering aftertaste make it a supreme drink.

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The flavour is aromatic and sweet, reminiscent of tropical fruits such as ripe mango and fresh lemon, with soft notes of jasmine and white flowers such as lily of the valley.


Smooth and full-bodied on the palate. Floral and fruity aromas are present and harmonious, with mango flavours and jasmine flourishes that develop over time, giving way to gentle muskmelon tones and a long, pleasurable finish.

Best enjoyed on its own.

Drink Plain.

How to brew


1 tablespoon/ 2 grams


2 minutes

About Namring

Namring Tea Estate is one of the oldest tea estates, established in 1855 and located in the east of Darjeeling. It is divided into three areas - Poomong, Jingiam and Namring. The total area is 450 ha and is located at altitudes between 900 meters and 1,500 meters. The higher altitude area is called Namring Upper and is distinguished by its higher quality.

It has its own power plant, irrigation facilities, and cultivates Chinese and clonal varieties of tea trees to produce high-quality black, white and green teas, etc. The Namring Tea Estate is managed by Darjeeling Impex, which also has a tea estate in Assam.


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